Sunday, February 12, 2006

Miss Myrtle Bunny

This doll is sweet as can be. I've made it in velvet as well and have a couple which sit with their arms wrapped around each other. Very cute.
'Josephine Myrtle Bunny (known simply as Myrtle to her friends and family) was born a most unusual bunny. She had one big warm heart, one very clever brain, but two sets of legs and two tummies! She was a rare and special girl. Myrtle was a ‘dipygus’ twin and everyone loved her.
One day her doctor said, "Myrtle, you are having baby bunnies in your left tummy!" Myrtle was surprised, if it had been her right tummy she would have believed it, she said. But he was quite right, she was definitely expecting!
Myrtle soon delivered her litter. She had five baby bunnies, two little cheeky boys and three little darling girls. Later on Mr. and Mrs. Bunny had four more litters. They had thirty-six children in all, can you imagine!'

Note: Based on a true story. Thanks to Elizabeth Anderson.

Pattern available at Etsy.

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Jackie said...

How very interesting. Thank you for the fascinating story of Myrtle.. I just happened to find you on Shula's blog. Bunnys cute too. (It gives the idea of 'breeding like rabbits' a whole new dimension)