Saturday, July 22, 2006

As seen In Today's Age Newspaper: 'I Made That'

Who: Robyne Melia
What: Abigail & Bronwyn Bunny
'I’ve wanted to make some conjoined dolls for a long while but felt uncomfortable using babies as a model, so designed them as rabbits instead. My youngest daughter was obsessed with rabbits when she was little and wrote countless stories about them, and the idea has grown from these (although the conjoined aspect is my addition). I wanted my doll to be happy, the kind of doll a child would cuddle and love or would drag about by its arm, so they have a soft tummy and a beautiful fluffy rabbit-fur tail. They’ve had a brilliant response from people. The girls are intricately constructed and take a long time to make, even longer when you add the time poring over my vast collection of old fabrics choosing the colours. I do sketch a lot in the designing stage, but it’s the cloth that inspires and usually I prefer to ‘build’ a work rather than plan it overly much.
Growing up in a family who made clothes and hats and furniture and toys and anything else that looked good, it was natural to forage into textiles myself. I spent 1974 at Melbourne College of Textiles learning pattern making and have stitched ever since. '

Article appeared under Frances Aitkinson's 'I Made That'.

Doll $165

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handmadelife said...

Ah Ms Melia as always your artistry and warmth overwhelm and surprise us all!